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Khan’s SHSAT Books FAQ:

How Will The New Khan’s SHSAT Books Be Used?

Khan’s SHSAT Books will be assigned to all SHSAT 7th Graders as supplemental practice work to be completed at home.

All 7th Grade SHSAT students must practice 1-2 hours daily from Khan’s SHSAT Books after completing Khan’s weekly homework assignments.

Is The Curriculum In The Khan’s Classworks and Workshops From The Books?

All Khan’s classes will continue to use the material from our Signature 60-Week Curriculum that is ONLY AVAILABLE WITH ENROLLMENT.

Khan’s curriculum that is used in the classroom is not the same as Khan’s Books.

Khan’s Books will be required practice material for home.

What Is The Best Way To Use The Khan’s SHSAT Books?

Students must complete both SHSAT books with daily practice at home.

Students should aim to focus on topics that they are struggling with early on.

All students that complete supplementary material from the Khan’s SHSAT Books have the highest chances of gaining acceptance into a NYC Specialized High School.

How Can I Get a Copy Of The Khan’s SHSAT Books?

All students can order a copy of each Khan’s SHSAT Books on

Note: All Khan’s SHSAT Books are being sold at-cost.

How Can I Get The Khan’s SHSAT Books For Free?

In-Person students who purchase a Workshop Add-On package after March 15th, 2023 will receive both Math & Reading books complimentary of Khan’s Tutorial.

SAT Books