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December 2020

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6 Ways To Improve Your Studying Habits In The New Year

As the new year comes around, you may be coming up with resolutions for yourself. Have you ever thought about maybe adding an improvement regimen to your studying habits? Most people these days study to pass an exam or do an assignment, but knowledge is not something you should flush out of your system when you don’t need it. Studying more efficiently can help you do better on everything and still retain that knowledge.

12 Items to Check-Off on Your College Applications

It’s about that time of the school year for seniors in high school when the anxiety starts settling in regarding their college applications. You may be having thoughts like “Did my teacher finish my recommendation letter? Did I even get the right teacher to give me a recommendation? Did I finish every aspect of the application completely? Did I miss any fees that I need to pay for the applications? Are my test scores being sent to the right schools?” Not to worry about any of this. We have a comprehensive checklist for you to be 100% sure that you got everything done regarding your applications.

Why You Should be Taking Breaks and Relaxing While You Work

You’re working hard but are you being 100% efficient? There’s one major thing that people forget to do while working (whether it be school, or a job) that can boost your productivity to the next level. This one thing is something that we rarely think about when we have a boat load of things that need to get done. This thing is what some people like to call a break.

Everything You Need to Know About Institutional Aid

More than half the people looking to go to college don’t consider the school because of the price tag. They don’t know or don’t want to explore any scholarships and aid programs that the school can offer to students looking for admission. This is basically free money you are just leaving on the table.