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About Us


We’re committed to strengthening motivated families through education, community programs, and resource sharing.

Our History

Khan’s Tutorial (KT) is a tutoring academy founded in 1994 by Dr. Mansur Khan. Since then KT has grown to 10 different locations. With over 300 highly trained tutors, KT is THE academy where students obtain the highest quality education at the lowest prices.

Our Method

Dr. Mansur Khan and Dr. Ivan Khan, with a combined teaching experience of 35 years, created the curricula for all KT services. They hold 2 Doctorates and 5 Master’s Degrees. Currently, the senior staff members continuously update Khan’s curricula, ensuring that the material remains challenging and up-to-date.

Our Philanthropy

KT has regularly provided discounted or pro bono test prep-tutoring services to select students who otherwise would not be able to afford classes. Additionally, The Senior Team at Khan’s Tutorial has partnered with families who have faced catastrophic illnesses or special situations that warrant students from reaching their full academic potential. Furthermore, we provide various scholarships to help marginalized groups reach their full academic potential.

Our Goals

KT aims to provide the highest quality test prep and tutoring services to families for affordable prices. With our numerous specialized programs, we aim to cater to each and every student’s needs. Whether it is getting into a Specialized High School or ace your SATs, KT has your back!