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Hunter College High School Entrance Exam

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What is the HCHS Entrance Exam?

The Hunter College High School Entrance Exam is an admissions test for Hunter College High School (HCHS), a highly selective public school in New York City. HCHS is known for its academically rigorous programs and is part of the Hunter College campus of the City University of New York (CUNY).

Students in the 6th grade typically take the entrance exam to seek admission to Hunter College High School for 7th grade.

The Exam Breakdown

ELA Questions

This exam includes a rigorous English Language Arts (ELA) section comprising 50 multiple-choice questions. Students are tested on their reading comprehension skills, and literary analysis. The ELA segment is designed to assess not only the candidates’ command of language but also their ability to think critically and express ideas coherently.

Math Questions

This exam includes a comprehensive Mathematics section comprising 50 multiple-choice questions. This section assesses a range of mathematical concepts, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and problem-solving skills. Students face questions that demand critical thinking and a deep understanding of mathematical principles.

Writing Prompt

The writing assignment is a vital component of the exam, requiring students to express themselves coherently and thoughtfully on a given topic. This section aims to evaluate not only the students’ command of language but also their capacity for logical and persuasive argumentation. Aspiring students face the challenge of articulating their ideas in a clear and organized manner, showcasing their ability to engage with complex topics.

How does Khan’s HCHS Exam Program break down?

Weekly Classwork &

Currently, select locations offer the In-Person Program with rolling admission. We’ve curated our curriculum for in-person use. Every class day, students receive a lesson, classwork, and homework.

Hours Classes

Our 4-hour classes are small and interactive, ensuring your student gets the individualized attention they need.

Monthly Diagnostic Exams

The HCHSEE Program includes one signature diagnostic exam every month. Parents will also be able to speak to instructors in regard to the diagnostic exam and the student’s progress. We track your student’s progress with respect to mastering the material.

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