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Dr. Mansur Khan SHSAT Opportunity Scholarship

Spring 2023

The Dr. Mansur Khan SHSAT Opportunity Scholarship was created in 2014 to help increase the number of students from underrepresented communities at NYC’s Specialized High Schools.


  • Over 28 Years of Experience
  • 4,600+ Students Accepted into NYC’s Specialized High Schools

Classes will begin in first week of April and continue until the 2023 SHSAT Exam for Scholarship Winners.

Partial Scholarship winners start in April and end in May.


  • Must be a 7th Grader Student at a NYC Middle School
  • Must have at least an 85 Average in Math, English, and Overall
  • Must take a Diagnostic at One of 4 KT Locations
  • Must apply to a Specialized High School
  • Must attend ALL classes and complete the program in it’s entirety

Have questions? Email [email protected]