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SAT Tips and Tricks for the Exam

Discover valuable SAT tips and tricks to improve your scores and boost your confidence on test day. …

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SAT Myths
10 Myths About The SAT

The SAT, a crucial step for many students seeking college admissions, is often shrouded in myths and…

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Can you take the SAT after high school?
Can You Take the SAT After High School? A SAT Test Guide

Discover why taking the SAT after high school could be your pathway to new opportunities. From seeki…

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2024 SAT Cutoff Scores
SAT Cutoff Score 2024

As the competition for top-tier universities intensifies, understanding the SAT cutoff scores has be…

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New Digital SAT: Everything You Need to Know

Explore the new digital SAT format in our blog. Discover the changes, benefits, and tips for success…

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Key Differences Between the Digital & Paper SAT

The Digital SAT and Paper SAT differ in format, administration, scoring, accessibility and testing e…

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what is sat
What Is the SAT? An Ultimate Guide

The SAT stands for “Scholastic Assessment Test”. It is a standardized entrance test broa…

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How to prepare for the SAT Test.
How to prepare for the SAT Test?

Let’s explore how to prepare effectively for the SAT! If you’re a student in Neywork gea…

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What next after SHSAT exam.webp
Next Steps After Taking the SHSAT Test

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) test plays a major role in getting placement in …

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SHSAT-test rulse
SHSAT Test Rules: Your Path to High School Success

Understanding the SHSAT test rules is paramount for success. In this comprehensive guide, we will na…

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sat math vs high school
SAT Math Vs High School Math: A Detailed Comparison

Understand the differences between SAT Math and the mathematics you’ve encountered in your hig…

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SHSAT Registration: How to Register for SHSAT?

Are you a student who is enthusiastic to make your mark in high school? , The Specialized High Schoo…

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SHSAT Cutoff Scores
2023 SHSAT Cutoff Scores: Latest Score & Analysis

Table of Contents: If you are gearing up to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT…

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How Long is the SHSAT Test
How Long is the SHSAT Test? Know the Exam Duration

Know the precise duration of the SHSAT exam in our blog: 'How Long is the SHSAT Test?' Prepare for a…

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How Hard is the SHSAT Test? A Comprehensive Guide

The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) serves as a significant milestone for countless…

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Unleashing the Power of High-Intensity Tutoring: Maximizing Learning Potential

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, high-intensity tutoring has emerged as a powerful tool …

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How to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation to Prepare for the SAT

As summer vacation rolls around, students have a unique opportunity to dedicate their time and energ…

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How to Secure High School Internships During the Summer

Finding and securing a high school internship can sometimes be a challenging task. In this blog post…

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A Comprehensive Guide: How to Prepare for the SHSAT During Summertime

While many students choose to study during the academic year, summer can be an ideal time to intensi…

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The Marvelous Arianna

As an infant, a mere 3 weeks after birth, I knew Arianna was exceptional. She was forever alert, alw…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Study For The SAT Reading Section

Preparing for the SAT can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to the reading portion. …

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Autism FAQ

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a constellation of traits characterized by challenges in social i…

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Autism Signs & Symptoms with Steps to Obtain an Evaluation in New York City

Naveed is in 2nd grade and has been having a challenging time in school. While his teacher goes thro…

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Is Bronx Science Better Than Stuyvesant?

Comparing Bronx Science and Stuyvesant is a challenging task, as both schools are highly regarded an…

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Should you give a shot at Stuyvesant High School? 5 Reasons That Stuyvesant Is Worth Preparing For!

Stuyvesant High School is one of the eight specialized high schools in New York City and is widely r…

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5 Reasons Why the SHSAT is Important

The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is an exam that determines admission to eight s…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Take The SAT

The SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a standardized test that is widely used in the United State…

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The Advantages of Attending a NYC Specialized High School

Attending New York City’s Specialized High Schools provides students with exceptional academics and …

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What Are The Common Core State Standards?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of academic standards for English language arts (EL…

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The Extraordinary Ian

Let me wax poetic about my extraordinary son Ian. Now 7 years old, Ian is a prolific reader of books…

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My Childhood With Undiagnosed ADHD

“Mrs. Khan, your son Ivan is hyperactive.” It was the second time in just a few years that my immigr…

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SAT vs. ACT: Which Test Works For You?

Almost everyone is familiar with the SAT, however, schools offer another option, also known as the A…

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Mental Health Resources for Students Impacted by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many of our lives in an unpredictable way. Many adolescents have n…

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Student walking on college campus.
Why Students Should Start Scholarship Applications In Junior Year

It can get difficult for students to complete all their scholarship applications in senior year as t…

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COVID-19 at home testing kit.
2022 COVID Response in NYC Schools

There has been a massive concern amongst parents, teachers, and school administration on the Departm…

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Class being hosted on Khan's Tutorial Online Learning Platform.
How Does Tutoring Benefit Students?

Tutoring is a complementary process along with the education students receive in school. Many parent…

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What Is The Common Core?

The words “common core” seem to be a very common term nowadays. It seems every grade has some sort o…

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Child reading book in bed.
How To Keep Your Child Academically Engaged Over The Summer Break

It’s a no-brainer that students tend to forget what they learn during the school year when they go o…

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College campus graphic.
The Five Fs for Choosing The Right College

This week millions of 12th graders across the country are finding out which colleges have accepted t…

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Student attending class on Khan's Tutorial Online Learning Platform.
3 Ways To Help Your Child Keep Their Momentum In School

As the public school system still remains in remote learning protocols, our children stay at home an…

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Student bubbling in on Scantron Bubble Sheet.
When Is The Next SAT?

The next SAT is scheduled for May 8, 2021. Registration ends on April 8, 2021. Late registration dea…

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Planner for goal setting.
Setting Goals = Maximum Productivity

By now, most students, having to go to school from home, have manifested a workflow for getting thei…

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Student showing their work on the classroom whiteboard.
Why Communication and Writing are Key Mathematics Skills

It is no surprise that common core mathematics topics require students to effectively explain their …

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Student workspace with textbooks, pens, and laptop.
How To Take an Effective Break While Studying

Everyone takes breaks in between studying. But are you taking the most effective break possible? The…

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Student engulfed in work and planning out their day.
How to Improve Your SHSAT Math Section Scores

An all-inclusive guide on how to properly navigate the SHSAT Math section and maximize your efforts …

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Student's notebook and pencil.
How to Improve Your SHSAT ELA Section Score

An all-inclusive guide on how to properly navigate the SHSAT ELA section and maximize your efforts i…

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Student working on their classwork and homework.
Why Paper Learning Is Always Going To Have A Role In Education

We live in a digital age where even school isn’t in-person. It's more important now than ever for st…

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Khan's Tutorial students working on STEM projects in their schools.
How to Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

Do you know your child’s method of learning? Most students don’t learn, and retain information in th…

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How Are You Taking the Upcoming SATs?

In the new year, many students head into their spring semester questioning how their standardized ex…

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Frustrated student trying to figure out the challenging
6 Ways To Improve Your Studying Habits In The New Year

As the new year comes around, you may be coming up with resolutions for yourself. Have you ever thou…

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12 Items to Check-Off on Your College Applications

It’s about that time of the school year for seniors in high school when the anxiety starts settling …

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Why You Should be Taking Breaks and Relaxing While You Work

You’re working hard but are you being 100% efficient? There’s one major thing that people forget to …

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Everything You Need to Know About Institutional Aid

More than half the people looking to go to college don't consider the school because of the price ta…

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How To Find The Best Scholarship Based Off Of Your SAT Score

You’ve taken the SAT, you’ve submitted your college application. What’s next? Some students just sto…

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Maximize Your Efficiency on the SAT

No matter how much you’ve studied, 225 minutes for one test, question after question, is a long time…

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Study Tips To Prepare For The SHSAT

Studying for the SHSAT can be a daunting task for many students that wish to take on the challenging…

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What is the SHSAT?

The Specialized High Schools (group of schools that require the SHSAT exam to admit students) are a …

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5 Tips For Students And Their Families To Thrive in Online School

Distance learning is a scary dilemma for many parents, students, and teachers. On one hand, parents …

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