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Setting Goals = Maximum Productivity

Planner for goal setting.

With the NYC school system being in quarantine protocol for about a year now, most students go to school from home. These students have manifested a workflow for getting their work done without much distraction. Even though you can get everything you need done, are you being the most efficient that you can be?

One of the earliest steps you should be taking when starting to work on anything is to set goals. This will help you stay motivated and on track for everything. In the long run, setting goals will make you more confident in the steps you take. Doing this will not just help you in your school work but in anything that you do. Keeping track of these goals will help you sharpen your skills in planning, time management, and accountability. These skills are crucial when working in the professional world.

By taking small steps towards your goals, you ultimately build confidence in your abilities to complete work with 100% accuracy. This will lead to you building a sense of accomplishment for yourself, which in turn, leads to a better self esteem. You will begin to have an unstoppable mentality where you are the #1 person to get this one thing done. Sharpening your skills is what doing all these practice work in school is all about.

Having a set of goals will keep you motivated when facing difficult challenges. This will help you break things down and tackle them one step at a time. Whether it be something minor like completing a couple worksheets a day, to being ahead in the course curriculum, It will keep you calm and collected so that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

Remember to keep the following things in mind when setting you goals:

  • Think about the overarching idea, or the concept you are trying to master
  • Ask yourself specific questions that you want answered in the process of completing this task
  • Break down the questions to actionable steps
  • Write down the list of steps onto a piece of paper
  • Revise, add, or remove items as needed
  • Recognize and reflect on what you’ve gotten done

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