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November 2015

Khan's Tutorial Common Core Students with Certificates.

Khan’s Tutorial Celebrates 325 Students for Outstanding Common Core State Exam Scores & Exceptional SAT and Regent Success

On Saturday, November 14th, Khan’s Tutorial (KT) hosted its second Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony. KT celebrated students in the third through eighth grades who received 4s and double 4 scores on their ELA and Math Citywide Exams this past year. A score of 4 means that these students met and excelled beyond the standards set for elementary and junior high school students.  This puts them amongst the top 9% of all NYS students who scored a 4 on their 2015 ELA exam and the top 16% of students who scored a 4 on their 2015 Math exam. In addition, we recognized the accomplishments of our high school students who scored highly on their Regents, SATs, and ACTs.