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In-Person Regents & AP Classes

In-Person | High School | Regents & AP Exams

What are the Regents & AP Exams?

The Regents Exams test students on their mastery of specific subjects in school. Most students follow the same path of Regents that they have to take during their high school careers. Regents Exams play a big role in determining students’ GPAs in their high school transcripts.

AP Exams are used by the CollegeBoard during the college admissions process to showcase to colleges/universities the level of mastery a student has over a certain subject. They are available to students whenever they please to take them. Students can use their AP Exam grades to bypass certain classes in their college career.

Why Khan’s Regents & AP Exams Program?

Our Regents Exams & AP Program covers every topic on the respective exams while providing mentorship and college admissions counseling.

Our curriculum is internally designed to be aligned with the curriculum students are learning in school.

Designed by Doctors & Ivy League grads, our program has helped countless students earn admissions into their dream schools including Columbia, NYU, Barnard, Princeton, Cornell, Macaulay Honors, Sophie Davis CUNY Medical School and many more.

Practice is an essential part of improving your academic success. KT Certified Tutors will always provide adequate Classwork and Homework for students.

How does our In-Person Regents & AP Program breakdown?

Small Interactive Classes

Interactive Classwork and Homework

Free College Admissions Workshops

Free College Essay Support


Day a Week Per Subject


Hours of Class


Weeks Rolling Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Regent exams?

Regents Exams are standardized tests administered by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in the United States. These exams are primarily taken by high school students in New York State and are used to assess their knowledge and skills in various subjects. The results of Regents Exams may contribute to a student’s high school diploma and, in some cases, factor into their overall academic record for college admissions.

Who can take NYS Regents exams?

Regents Exams are typically taken by high school students in New York State. These exams are part of the state’s educational system and play a role in assessing student achievement and meeting graduation requirements.

What is an AP (Advanced Placement) Exam?

An Advanced Placement (AP) Exam is a standardized test offered in the United States and other countries that allows high school students to demonstrate their proficiency in college-level coursework. The AP Program is administered by the College Board, the same organization responsible for the SAT.

Who is eligible for AP exams?

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are typically available to high school students who have completed or are currently enrolled in AP courses.

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