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January 2021

Student working on their classwork and homework.

Why Paper Learning Is Always Going To Have A Role In Education

We live in a digital age where even school isn’t in-person. It’s more important now than ever for students to print out their study materials. There are a lot of benefits to paper learning alongside digital learning rather than just digital learning by itself.

Khan's Tutorial students working on STEM projects in their schools.

How to Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

Do you know your child’s method of learning? Most students don’t learn, and retain information in the same way. It is imperative that you find out when they are at an early age in their childhood to most effectively impact their learning habits.

How Are You Taking the Upcoming SATs?

In the new year, many students head into their spring semester questioning how their standardized exams are going to be administered. Seniors have just finished applying to their colleges and are now just awaiting the results. With COVID-19 still in effect, it’s still too risky to be put into a crowded classroom in a testing site.