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March 2021

Student attending class on Khan's Tutorial Online Learning Platform.

3 Ways To Help Your Child Keep Their Momentum In School

As the public school system still remains in remote learning protocols, our children stay at home and can fall into ruts with their routines. As guardians watching over them and making sure students are keeping their yearning for learning alive, we have to help them keep their momentum in their school work. Here’s 3 ways we can keep curiosity alive.

Student bubbling in on Scantron Bubble Sheet.

When Is The Next SAT?

The next SAT is scheduled for May 8, 2021. Registration ends on April 8, 2021. Late registration deadline is April 20, 2021 for mailed registration, and April 27, 2021 for registrations made online or by phone.

Planner for goal setting.

Setting Goals = Maximum Productivity

By now, most students, having to go to school from home, have manifested a workflow for getting their work done without much distraction. Here’s another step you can take to keep yourself focused on the tasks at hand.