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When Is The Next SAT?

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The March SAT is right around the corner. If you didn’t get to register for it, don’t worry. You should aim to get registered for the May SAT. The SAT is an entrance exam that colleges use to gauge how you are in a high pressure testing environment. It has sections that test the test-takers on their reading comprehension, ELA  conventions, and mathematics skills. This exam is administered by the CollegeBoard. 

The next SAT is scheduled for May 8, 2021. Registration ends on April 8, 2021. Late registration deadline is April 20, 2021 for mailed registration, and April 27, 2021 for registrations made online or by phone.

Set Your Mind on the Target

Whether you’ve taken an SAT exam before, or this is your first time taking it, you should always have a target score in mind. Once you’ve taken some practice exams see where your practice scores land you in the national percentile rankings. Knowing where you stand amongst the actual SAT score percentiles, will help you set realistic goals for your SAT exam. Find out more on what is a good sat score by reading our blog post here.

Test Day

On test day, you should bring with you your registration, your ID, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, a light sweater (in case the testing site has wild climates). Don’t put too much pressure on yourself during the test, keep a level head and tackle every question with the same level of dedication as you do when you practice. If you want to read more on maximizing your efforts during test day, read our post here.

The Aftermath

Need more motivation to do well on the SAT exam? Doing well on your SAT, you can have opportunities at scholarships. You have to consider National Merit scholarships that you can get, and institutional scholarships that you can get just for doing well on your SAT. There’s also a lot of scholarships available from other organizations that offer you scholarships based on your SAT exam. Take advantage of it all! Read more on these scholarships here.

Practice as Much as Possible

As always, practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when practicing. If you make mistakes while practicing, you won’t make the same mistakes during the test. Take advantage of tools provided by the College Board to pinpoint where exactly you are making mistakes and take practice tests online on platforms like Khan’s Tutorial and Khan Academy.

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