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2023 SHSAT Cutoff Scores: Latest Score & Analysis

SHSAT Cutoff Scores

If you are gearing up to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) and aiming to secure your spot in one of New York City’s prestigious high schools, you’re in the right place. We’ll dive into the critical aspect of SHSAT cutoff scores. Understanding the latest SHSAT cutoff scores in 2023 is essential to effectively planning and strategizing your upcoming exam preparation.

What is the SHSAT Exam?

The Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) is a regulated exam governed in New York City for students seeking admission to specialized high schools in NYC. The SHSAT specifically assesses eighth and ninth-grade students’ academic talents, focusing on math and verbal skills. English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics of SHSAT exam evaluate the student’s proficiency.

SHSAT Exam Format:

Understanding the SHSAT exam format will give you a clear idea of how to prepare for the SHSAT exam. The SHSAT test contains 114 questions. It is categorized into two sections based on the subject: ELA (English Language Arts) and math.

  • ELA includes 57 questions
  • Math includes 57 questions

Overview of SHSAT Cutoff Scores

The cutoff scores act as a threshold for admission to specialized high schools. The SHSAT cutoff scores vary each year and are determined by factors such as the overall performance of test-takers. Please familiarize yourself with the general trend and understand that each specialized high school may have its own set of cutoff scores.

SHSAT Cutoff Scores 2023

The cutoff scores are varied based on the specialized high schools and education policies in NYC.

2023 SHSAT Cutoff Scores Based on High School

  1. Brooklyn Latin: The lowest admission score is 493 out of 800 points.
  2. Brooklyn Tech: The lowest admission score is 503 out of 800 points.
  3. Queens Science: The lowest admission score is 527 out of 800 points.
  4. Stuyvesant: The lowest admission score is 561 out of 800 points.
  5. Bronx Science: The lowest admission score is 521 out of 800 points.
  6. HSMSE at City College: The lowest admission score is 518 out of 800 points.
  7. HSAS at Lehman: The lowest admission score is 510 out of 800 points.

Interpreting SHSAT Cutoff Score

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you should interpret the SHSAT cutoff scores:

Minimum Required Score

Identify the minimum required score for admission to your desired specialized high school.

Competitive Edge

While aiming for the minimum required score is crucial, setting a target score slightly higher is advisable.

How to Prepare for the SHSAT Exam to Optimize Your Cutoff Scores?

Your SHSAT scores take you toward your goal of entering a specialized high school. Here are some essential tips to optimize your scores:

Strategic Preparation:

Develop a comprehensive study plan covering all SHSAT sections. Utilize official practice materials to simulate exam conditions.

Time Management:

Mastering time management is critical during the SHSAT. Practice with timed mock tests to enhance your ability to answer questions efficiently and accurately within the allotted time.

Seek Guidance

Consider seeking guidance from expert tutors or online resources


In conclusion, we can understand the importance of 2023’s SHSAT cutoff scores in getting admission to specialized high schools in New York City. Armed with this knowledge, you are well-equipped to navigate the SHSAT landscape and pave your way toward academic achievement in the specialized high school of your choice.


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