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Hunter College High School FAQ

What is the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam?

The Hunter College High School Entrance Exam is a standardized test designed for students seeking admission to Hunter College High School in New York City. It assesses students’ proficiency in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Writing abilities.

When is the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam administered?

The exam is typically administered to 6th grade students who are applying for admission to Hunter College High School for the 7th grade. The specific test dates may vary, and applicants should check with the school for the most up-to-date information.

What does the ELA section of the exam include?

The ELA section consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that assess reading comprehension, literary analysis, and writing skills. Students are evaluated on their ability to understand and analyze written passages, as well as their proficiency in expressing ideas through writing.

How many math questions are there on the exam?

The math section of the exam comprises 30 multiple-choice questions. It covers a range of mathematical concepts, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and problem-solving skills.

Is there a writing assignment on the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam?

Yes, the exam includes a writing assignment. This section assesses students’ ability to articulate their thoughts coherently and persuasively on a given topic. Effective communication and critical thinking skills are crucial in this part of the exam.

How should students prepare for the exam?

Students should prepare by reviewing the content that will be covered in the ELA and math sections. Practice with sample questions, focus on time management, and consider seeking additional resources or tutoring if needed.

Are there other factors considered in the admissions process?

Yes, in addition to the entrance exam, the admissions process may consider factors such as academic performance, teacher recommendations, and other achievements. The exam is just one component of the holistic evaluation.

How competitive is the admissions process for Hunter College High School?

The admissions process is highly competitive, as Hunter College High School is known for its academic excellence. Students are encouraged to excel in all aspects of the application to enhance their chances of admission.

Can students retake the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam?

No, students are allowed to take the exam only once. It is essential to prepare thoroughly for the exam to perform well on the first attempt.

What distinguishes Hunter College High School from other schools in New York City?

Hunter College High School is renowned for its challenging curriculum, exceptional faculty, and a commitment to academic excellence. It provides a nurturing environment for intellectually gifted students, fostering their growth and development.