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Part-Time Remote Common Core Quality Manager

Job Application

*Please read the contents carefully before submitting an application!

If interested, please send your resume to [email protected]

Job Description:

Khan’s Tutorial is looking for a highly qualified Common Core Quality Manager who can work in a fast-paced, academic environment. This position will require regular attendance on Friday evenings. The job is completely remote.

This job is ideal for a young professional who is interested in a part-time job that allows them to grow and operate in a mid-sized company with the potential to make decisions on the quality of instruction and ensure that parents are content with the services we provide.

The Common Core Quality Manager is responsible for the instructional workflow of the classroom across the board, ensuring that instructors are teaching at their peak performance, while also addressing potential parent issues.

Key Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned as needed):

  • Monitor classrooms by sitting in classes to see how instructors can be assisted or supported.
  • Keep track of specific data related tasks, like taking virtual attendance, making sure classes are live on time, keeping class count, etc.
  • Manage instructor quality by completing evaluations for instructors and filling out instructor checklists. 
  • Speak with instructors if improvement is needed.
  • Address and report parental complaints from the tutoring services and ensure that steps are taken to prevent further issues.
  • Address staff or student concerns.
  • Complete tasks provided by the Senior Team.


  • You are Professional. You are a leader that is the face of Khan’s Tutorial for many families. You are task-driven, attentive, collaborative, and accountable. You take pride in setting a great example.
  • You are an impeccable communicator. It is your job to be clear and concise, to gain agreement on issues, to match tone, and to be understood by team members who have varied experiences and diverse backgrounds.
  • You are thoughtful. You take pride in your work and care about outcomes. You think about every perspective and foster a positive experience, even when it requires sharing something difficult.
  • You are process-minded. You know that a small tweak can create huge time savings.
  • You are a learner. You recognize that you are always in a position to learn and that you can learn from anyone at any time.
  • You are decisive. You’ll make judgment calls and decisions based on your knowledge of our policies and processes. You have a bias toward action. You recognize you might make mistakes or occasionally say the wrong thing, but are confident in your ability to own mistakes and learn from them.
  • You are resourceful. Not every question has an easy answer, but you’re totally into figuring things out.
  • You share. Once you figure something out, you’re excited to share the new information. You want to lend your ideas to the team and make everyone around you stronger.


  • Starting Rate: $17-$18/hr