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#1 SHSAT Tutoring in NYC

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4,725+ Students Accepted

Over the past three decades, we have guided an impressive 4,725+ students into New York City’s specialized high schools.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Established in 1994. Every parent’s #1 choice ever since.

What Does Our Program Look Like?

The Core Program

The Core SHSAT Program runs until the end of October with rolling admission. Students attend one group class for 4 hours a week and learn all the basics of SHSAT. The Core Program includes one signature diagnostic exam every month and all work digitized for your convenience.

Workshop Add-On

The Workshop Program is an add-on to our Core Program with a focus on the Math section of the SHSAT along with Diagnostic Retakes. Students attend one workshop class for an additional 2.5-hour group class a week on top of the Core Program.

Bootcamp Summer Add-On

The Bootcamp Summer Program is an add-on to our Core Program that allows students to use the extra time away from school during the summer months to revise, relearn, or reaffirm any problem topics on the SHSAT. Students attend bootcamp classes for an additional 3 hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on top of the Core Program.

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