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The Advantages of Attending a NYC Specialized High School

Attending New York City’s Specialized High Schools provides students with exceptional academics and educational opportunities at little to no cost. Known for their academic rigor, notable teachers, motivated students, diverse course offerings and extracurricular activities, the Specialized High Schools pave the way for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to gain access to and achieve academic successes, which have oftentimes been left only for those who could afford it…

What Are The Common Core State Standards?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of academic standards for English language arts (ELA) and mathematics that were developed to provide a clear and consistent understanding of what students are expected to learn in each grade level. The standards were created by a group of educators and other experts in the field, and they were designed to reflect the knowledge and skills that students need to be successful in college and their future careers…

The Extraordinary Ian

Let me wax poetic about my extraordinary son Ian. Now 7 years old, Ian is a prolific reader of books. Having taught himself to read by the age of 2 ½, he can zoom through volumes at lightning speed and recall most of what he gathers

My Childhood With Undiagnosed ADHD

“Mrs. Khan, your son Ivan is hyperactive.” It was the second time in just a few years that my immigrant mother heard that description of my behavior in the classroom. I was in the 4th grade, when my caring and nurturing teacher, Mrs. Bishop, noticed in me a pattern of behavior that she experienced with some students throughout her decades of teaching in New York City public schools…

Dr. Ivan Khan teaching the SHSAT class in Khan's Tutorial Jackson Heights.

Khan’s Tutorial Students Gain 143 Acceptances to the Specialized High Schools (SHSAT)! Grand Total Of 4,300 Students Since 1994!

New York, NY – April 21, 2022 – This past Tuesday marked the release of the results of the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT), the sole determinant of admission into New York City’s prestigious Specialized High Schools. Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science, and Brooklyn Technical High School offer acceptances to a total of about 3,000 students per year out of 30,000 students who take the challenging exam.

SAT vs. ACT: Which Test Works For You?

Almost everyone is familiar with the SAT, however, schools offer another option, also known as the ACT. The SAT and ACT tests are very similar with a few notable differences. They both work to test your knowledge in preparation for college, and colleges use these scores during their admissions process…