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Father’s Day NY State Exam Awards

Khan's Tutorial Father's Day and NY State Exam Score Celebration at Khan's Tutorial Ozone Park

This June, Khan’s Tutorial will be honoring the hard work of nearly 300 students and their father’s in a joint Father’s Day New York State Exam Celebration across Khan’s In-Person locations. 

Every year, hundreds of students in grades 3 through 8 take classes at Khan’s Tutorial to excel on the State Exams for English Language Arts & Math. Students attend classes up to 3 days a week for Writing, ELA, and Math for two hours per class, both In-Person and Khan’s renowned On-line platform. Since 1994, over 10,000 students have earned perfect score 4s.

So far, nearly 300 students & parents have RSVPd to four different celebrations. Furthermore, BOTH students and their fathers will receive Education Medals to honor the outstanding achievements.Students that attend will receive certificates from elected officials, and medals from Khan’s Tutorial as well. Appetizers will be served for the proud attendees. 

“Starting with our Founder, the late Dr. Mansur Khan, fathers in the Bangladesh, South Asian, and diverse Khan’s centers have started here as courageous immigrants in a new country. For decades, our fathers have built New York City’s infrastructure in education, transportation, healthcare, civil services, law enforcement, and so much more. Our fathers often work up to 7 days a week to support their families, wives and extended family members. As a father myself, I understand the important role that fathers and mothers both serve in raising children.”

Khan’s Tutorial will share recaps, highlights and news from all 4 events throughout the month of June. For more, follow Khan’s channels on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.