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Increased Covid Testing | KT Referral Program | Biden Test To Stay Program

KT Holiday Schedule

As we approach the holiday season, please be sure to take note of the following special observances that KT will be closed for. Please also note that KT will be closed for the entire Christmas weekend (12/24-12/26), but will only be closed on 12/31 & 1/1 for New Year weekend. All students are expected to be in class on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022.

  • December 24th-26th – No KT Classes (Christmas Observance)
  • December 31st-Jan 1st – No KT Classes (New Years & New Years Eve Observance)
  • January 2nd (Sunday) – First day of KT’s 2022 classes
  • January 7th – Friday classes shift from 4-6pm to 5-7pm

Biden Administration Pushes New ‘Test-to-Stay’ Strategy To Keep Kids In School

  • “If exposed children meet a certain criteria and continue to test negative, they can stay in school instead of quarantining at home,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said during a press briefing.

The new strategy leans on a “test-to-stay” policy, in which students who have been exposed to the virus but show no symptoms can remain in school as long as they test every day, or no less frequently than twice a week.

The policy would replace current CDC guidance, which recommends children who have been exposed quarantine for up to 10 days – a policy that’s shuttered whole classrooms for weeks at a time and made it difficult for educators to help students regain the academic, social and emotional losses incurred since the onset of the pandemic.

Khan’s Tutorial Announces NEW Referral Program

This new referral program allows for families to recommend Khan’s Tutorial another family, after which BOTH families will receive a discount! It is important to note the discount is only valid if the family who has sent the referral is named during the process. As the New Year rolls in, lets aid one another in tackling another Pandemic school year!

All families will be eligible for a referral discount if 

  • The family they refer signs up for and pays for a package
  • Names them as the referrer

BOTH families will be eligible to receive a $50 discount 

  • The new family will receive this discount with their first payment
  • The enrolled family will receive this discount on their next package

NYC Schools Will Increase COVID-19 Testing To Stay Open

New York City will increase COVID-19 testing in schools when the holiday break ends next week in an effort to keep classrooms open despite a surge in infections due to the highly infectious omicron variant of the virus, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.

New York state will provide the city’s public schools with 2 million at-home test kits so that tests can be sent home with students if a classmate tests positive, de Blasio said, and students who test negative won’t have to quarantine.

Two clear messages we’re sending loud and clear,” said Adams, who joined de Blasio’s virtual coronavirus briefing. “Your children are safer in school. The numbers speak for themselves. And we are united to make sure they continue to be safe.”

New York City’s public school system, the nation’s largest with about a million students, was one of the first in the nation to reopen to in-person learning after the pandemic hit in 2020, but frequent school or classroom closings due to COVID-19 cases proved disruptive. The new approach will guarantee more consistency, de Blasio said.

Khan’s Tutorial Fall Program Schedule Announced

Common Core –

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Saturday/Sunday Group Class (Morning 10am-2pm, Afternoon 12pm-4pm)

7th grade FREE SHSAT Workshops in January extended to January 21st & Friday January 28th


Fall SAT Program – March Test Takers- March 12th SAT Exam

Sat, September 4th – Sunday March 6th – 32 Classes from 10 AM-2 PM & 12 PM – 4 PM (1 day/week)

SAT Headstart Program – 9th & 10th Grade Students

Class 1 – Saturday 10AM – 2PM
Class 2 – Saturday 12PM – 4PM
Class 3 – Sunday 10AM – 2PM
Class 4 – Sunday 12PM – 4PM
Start Date: Dec 4, 2021
End Date: June 26, 2022


Saturday AM: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science
Saturday PM: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus

Sunday AM: AP Biology, AP Physics 
Sunday PM: AP Calculus AB, English

Congratulations to our Khan’s Students who have scored above a 1500+

Three Khan’s Tutorial students have earned a 1500+ score on their August SAT!

Eva V: 1590

Fiyaz: 1510

Tawseef R.: 1510

Yamin R.: 1520

Yaqin R.: 1450

Hasin R.: 1560

Saqeef S.: 1400

Tasfiya M.: 1420

Zahra R.: 1440

Ahnaf A.: 1420

Namira H: 1480

Mritika: 1460

Arman A: 1440

Rayan R: 1420

Maliha T: 1420

Sheikh I: 1400

Mohammed S: 1580

We’re looking forward to seeing many more great scores on the upcoming SATs!

FREE College Workshop Videos Available in Bangla and English

Please know that college applications have started this Fall for all 12th graders and that the deadline for Early Decision & Early Action is fast approaching this November.

Please view our FREE Bangla translated parent’s workshop on college admissions requirements:

Please view our FREE Bangla translated parent’s workshop on application timeline:

Please view our FREE English language workshop for students & parents here:

With deadlines fast approaching and the November SAT next week, time is running out to complete your best holistic application for college.

Please watch both videos closely with your child to ensure their understanding & success.

Call us to schedule your FREE 30 minute college counseling session with Dr. Khan, who earned his college counseling certification from Columbia University Teachers College.

Attached below is the link to the NYC DOE School Calendar for 2021-2022. In it you will find many resources such as holidays, parent – teacher conference dates, and testing dates for all elementary students.

Khan’s Tutorial Policy Update

Starting this week, Khan’s Tutorial will be requiring all students to keep their CAMERAS ON during instruction.

Why Is This Important?

This will help instructors make sure all students are attentive during lesson/classwork

How Does This Benefit Both Instructors/Students?

Students will be forced to minimize distractions while in class
Instructors don’t have to guess if a student is paying attention or not

What Do You Have To Do?

Ensure your student has their cameras on and are paying attention to what their instructor requires

Khan’s Tutorial Recorded Sessions Available

Khan’s Tutorial will also be providing recorded session as a way to make up a missed class. We will now be allowing our students access to Zoom recordings of missed classes. These recordings will ONLY be available 10 days after the initial class date. Parents and students can access the missed classes by logging into their accounts on and clicking “Access Content” for the class that they missed. It will provide the student with the recording and any other class materials. We recommend LIVE classes as they are the best resource and provide real time instruction, but these recorded sessions are a great way to make up a missed lesson.

Check Out Our Free College Research and Planning Workshop!

Khan’s Tutorial has released their college research and planning workshop video. This video is a great free resource to parents and college bound students, as it answers a lot of questions students may have about where they want to go in the future. CEO Ivan Khan leads the workshop and tells us about his journey through the college process to becoming an MD. Dr. Khan answers many questions and offers different pathways to achieving one’s dreams. Dr. Khan discusses the top schools for arts and humanities, business, finance, and law. He goes over the academic requirements as well as the SAT and ACT ranges that top schools look for. This workshop is a wonderful resource to watch with your family!