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Khan Foundation Holds Orientation for College Access Program

Dr. Ivan Khan with Khan Foundation Scholars and Employees.

Khan Foundation Jackson Heights, New York – August 4, 2015 This past weekend Khan Foundation a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization held its orientation for this year’s College Access Program (CAP) Scholars. The free program is in its second year of operation with its main purpose being to help NYC students from low-income, underrepresented communities, find, apply to, and gain admission to colleges with significant financial aid and scholarships. Over the next 6 months, the scholars will participate in Saturday morning workshops, a free 12-week SAT course, campus trips/tours, informational sessions with college representatives and receive one-on-one guidance counseling. Through targeted guidance and mentorship during workshops, Khan Foundation Instructors & Coordinators provide college admissions preparation as well as application & scholarship assistance over the entire college admissions process. The Khan Foundation believes that all young people should have an opportunity to apply to college, regardless of their personal backgrounds or financial statuses.

“As a first generation student coming from a low-income household, I know how hard navigating the college application process can be as well as the stress that comes with finding sufficient financial aid. In many ways I identify with our scholars. My joining KF is my way of paying it forward and offering assistance to these students, assistance I was not offered when I was in their position,” said Program Coordinator Ashley Azor.

This year, Khan Foundation will be working with a group of almost 40 talented and academically strong students from high schools such as Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, Excelsior Preparatory, and Benjamin N. Cardozo HS across our 3 operation sites: KF Jackson Heights, KF Brooklyn, and KF Bronx. Last year’s CAP Scholars gained admission to prestigious colleges such as NYU, Cornell, UNC Chapel Hill, Syracuse University, and many more.  Earlier this summer, White House Commissioner Dr. Nina Ahmad, was the keynote speaker at the CAP Celebration, and honored last year’s scholars for their achievements.

“We are extremely excited about this year’s College Access Program for Khan Foundation. Since private colleges can cost upwards of $50,000 a year we understand the importance of not only very strong SAT scores but all the elements required of students during the college admissions process to secure a great scholarship. All of our 11th graders will be taking their SATs next March (2016) and May (2016) and our 12th graders are preparing to take their SATs in October and November. We’re proud to say this is all included for free in KF’s College Access Program,” said Dr. Ivan Khan, Founder. 

The orientation was led by Dr. Ivan Khan, founder of Khan Foundation as well as Program Director Melissa Johnson. Scholars and their parents had the chance to meet the staff, get a feel for the upcoming academic year, and preview the college application process. Program Coordinator Ashely Azor and KF Guidance Counselors Kisha Jones and Renee Council introduced the scholars and their parents to the program by conducting informative break-out sessions.

“Dr. Khan first started his career as a high school teacher working with many different communities, not just South Asians. It’s our privilege to continue the work that he started with all minority communities especially mentorship during the high school process. For White House Commissioner Dr. Nina Ahmad to give Khan Foundation attention this year is just another nod to Dr. Khan’s amazing work and encouragement for us to continue his legacy,” said Mrs. Nayeema Khan, Khan Foundation Board Member.