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Khan’s Tutorial and Community Partner DREAMChasers Featured in Spectrum NY1 News

Dr. Ivan Khan and Jason Clark at Dreamchasers SHSAT Class.

New York, NY – Earlier this week DREAMChasers and Khan’s Tutorial’s SHSAT program were featured on Spectrum NY1 News. DREAMChasers, an organization founded by Bronx Science Alum, Attorney Jason Clark provides SHSAT tutoring and mentorship for students from underrepresented backgrounds. As the tutoring partner of DREAMChasers, Khan’s Tutorial’s goal is to ensure all students, regardless of zip code or school funding, have an opportunity to attend NYC’s top public high schools. Due to the success of the program, DREAMChasers plans to expand to Southeast Queens next year. 

“32 years ago, I moved to New York City as a first grader in Elmhurst after stops in London, Dhaka, and Virginia Tech. ‘Bangladesh’ I said, ‘It’s the country next to India,’ I had to repeat over and over to the new friends I was making from Puerto Rico, DR, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Nigeria, China, Korea, Italy, India and Pakistan. This week, many many years later, Khan’s Tutorial’s community partnership work with DREAMChasers was featured on Spectrum NY1 News. In the last 25 years the NYC Bangladeshi community has worked to become the second largest growing immigrant group at the Specialized High Schools.  As the SHSAT exam approaches, we wish all of our families and students across our 10 locations the best of luck!” said Dr. Ivan Khan, CEO & President of Khan’s Tutorial

“I always knew it wasn’t that the students couldn’t do the work. It really had to do with access to resources,” Clark says. “I knew that kids in Harlem, in southeast Queens, in the Bronx, I knew they could do it if we gave them an opportunity to have some of those resources that other folks have,” said Attorney Jason Clark, Founder of DREAMChasers.

“There’s an issue now with New York City public schools and the quote unquote lack of talented minority students, when there are thousands of talented minority students that you don’t know about because of a lack of programs like DREAMChasers,” parent John Van Clief says.

With 10 locations in the outer boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and in the Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Astoria, Ozone Park, and Floral Park neighborhoods of Queens, Khan’s Tutorial primarily serves in assisting families in low-income, new immigrant neighborhoods. Since 1994, Khan’s Tutorial has helped 3,383 students gain admission to New York City’s Specialized High Schools.