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Over 450 Khan’s Tutorial Common Core Students Receive Certificates of Mastery!

New York, NY – May 26th, 2021 – Congratulations to over 450 Khan’s Tutorial Common Core students who received Certificates of Mastery last week in Writing, ELA, and Math. The students who received the certificates showed consistent attendance and hard work throughout the year and earned a classwork average of 80% or higher. Many of these students started our online program last summer. 

“Our students who have shown mastery by achieving an average of 80+ on their classworks from the Spring have received special recognition through separate Mastery certificates. Our recipients of the mastery certificates consisted of a very selective and exclusive group that showed consistency in attendance and effort all school year, many having only started at KT last summer. These mastery certificates exemplify not only your child’s proficiency in the subject, but also their ability to continuously enhance their passion for learning.” – Ashley Jaiprashad, Director of Common Core. 

“Last Spring we moved our classes online to keep families and students safe from the pandemic. In the past one year families have reported how much they enjoy the convenience and the quality oversight that KT ONLINE now offers with hundreds of families receiving mastery certificates. We are excited to see our students continue to improve through our annual summer program starting June 4th and 5th. My granddaughter Arianna is excited to start advanced material for next year’s grade level. Congratulations to all the hard working students and family, we are all very proud of you!” – Chairperson, Mrs. Nayeema Khan 

Khan’s ONLINE Summer Program focuses on preparing students for their upcoming academic year. The Summer Program will give your child the chance to grasp the fundamentals in various subjects and concepts, which will presumably increase their scores for their upcoming academic year. We make sure to provide our students with a virtual learning environment that has plenty of engagement and excitement by hosting fun virtual summer events like spelling bees, academic games, and many more!