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Khan’s Tutorial hosts Annual Holiday Party for Instructors, Managers, & Directors

Khan's Tutorial Holiday Celebration.

Earlier this week Khan’s Tutorial hosted its Annual Holiday Party for all teammates across its 11 locations. This past year, the KT team has grown to over 300 total employees and has helped thousands of families across NYC. With the support of its talented team, KT has reached new heights and continues to grow.

In 2017:

KT helped 398 SHSAT students gain acceptance to the Specialized High Schools
KT helped 720 students score perfect 4/4s on their Common Core exams
KT helped 373 SAT and Regents students receive high scores on their exams
KT established its newest branch: KT Sunnyside

KT’s team of interns, Instructors, Managers, & Directors, are some of the best and brightest minds in the city. With their diverse academic backgrounds and professional experiences they are able to provide KT students with direction and inspiration.

“It’s great to be able to celebrate with our staff after an amazing year. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working closely with several of our Directors and Senior Managers as well as the SHSAT department. I’m truly humbled to be able to help thousands of families every week with the help of our amazing team,” said Mohammad Hossain, Vice President of Khan’s Tutorial.

With 11 locations in the outer boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and in the Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Astoria, Sunnyside, Ozone Park, and Floral Park neighborhoods of Queens, Khan’s Tutorial primarily serves in assisting families in low-income, new immigrant neighborhoods. Since 1994, Khan’s Tutorial has helped 2,615 students gain admission to New York City’s Specialized High Schools.