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47 Khan’s Tutorial Students Achieve 1400+ scores on their March SATs. 14 Khan’s Tutorial Students Achieve 1500+ SAT Scores.

Khan's Tutorial successful SAT Students.

New York, NY, –  This past month, SAT scores have been released and Khan’s Tutorial would like to congratulate the following Khan’s Tutorial SAT students for their fantastic scores on the March 2019 SATs. Two March SAT’s were administered: the March 9th exam and the in-school March 27th exam. Between these two exams, 47 KT students scored above 1400, and 47 achieved 1500+. Khan’s Tutorial’s highest scorer for this round of scores is Adib R. with a near perfect score of 1580/1600. Displayed below are KT students who scored a 1450 and higher.




Khan’s Tutorial’s SAT Program is led by Tasneem Imam Khan, MPH (Columbia University Master’s Degree).

“We couldn’t be prouder of our students who took the most recent SATs! On average, our students scored in the 93rd percentile. We congratulate our students like Adib R. who scored 1580 on his SATs and Tabassum S. who scored 1570 on her SATs. Scoring well means these students were participating in class, attending class every session, and following a daily study schedule. Congratulations again to all our students!,” said Ms. Tasneem Imam Khan, Director of KT’s High School Achievement Program.

“Every week I have conversations with families about our high school students getting a good report card grade or getting into a top college. Here at Khan’s, we advise that in order to get into a competitive school, students should aim for an SAT score above 1450+, especially if their GPA is not as strong as it should be. We’re proud to see our students get into top schools such as Sophie Davis, Columbia, and Brown, as well as other combined medical and pharmacy programs, ” said Mrs. Nayeema Khan, KT Chairperson and UN Goodwill Ambassador.