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Khan’s Tutorial Helps Students Into Ivy League Combined Medical Programs & Highly Selective Colleges

List of Colleges that Khan's Tutorial students attend.

New York, NY – April 6th, 2023 – After months of hard work this year, students from Khan’s SAT & GPA Programs have received 400+ college acceptances this Spring 2023. Students from Khan’s various High School programs have been accepted to an outstanding mix of public and private colleges and universities across the country. 

Some of the colleges/universities Khan’s students have been accepted & waitlisted to the following:

  • Princeton University

  • Harvard University

  • CUNY Medical School (Sophie Davis)

  • Columbia University

  • Yale University

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Brown University

  • Cornell University

  • New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) BSDO Combined Medical

  • Boston University

  • New York University (NYU)

  • Macaulay Honors College

  • Northeastern University 

  • Weslyan University

  • Penn State University

  • Fordham University

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • Drexel University

  • Temple University

  • St. John’s University

  • University of Florida

  • Long Island University

  • Stony Brook University

  • Jefferson University

  • George Washington University

  • SUNY schools such as the University of Albany, Binghamton University, University at Buffalo, Stony Brook, etc.

  • CUNY schools including Baruch College, Hunter College, Queens College, CCNY, etc.

“I’m obviously very excited. This is a new opprotunity. It’s been a dream of mine to attend Sophie Davis for a while now. I feel that this is really going to be opening boundaries for me and my family, who came here from Bangladesh when I was really young. They were able to work as hard as possible and we were able to receive financial aid from many private universities. Going to Sophie Davis is going to afford me the ability to become a doctor with little to no debt for college. This is overall very exciting, and I am fortunate for the opportunities I have received, and am grateful for my friends, and family for supporting me through my journey. My parents were excited and they are relieved to be stress free of their financial burdens regarding my future, and are now more free to pursue opportunities for the rest of the family,” Samin Faiaz, Sophie Davis Class of 2030. 

“It’s been my dream for a while to go to a college in Washington D.C. because I want to be in a setting that nurtures my interests and major, Political Sciences. I feel that this is going to help me grow and be able to pursue my career in the best place possible. George Washington University is the best place for my major,” Mritika Rahman, George Washington University Class of 2027.

“We’re happy to have everyone back to learning in person at our new Jackson Heights location and preparing for their SATs. It is wonderful to see all these students gain acceptance into the colleges of their choice that they have worked so hard for in their journey through High School. I want to recognize the hard working mothers and fathers who bring their children to our Jackson Heights location for SAT every week as well,” said Mrs. Nayeema Khan, Chairperson of Khan’s Tutorial.

“Getting into a top college is a dream for many families, especially those that have made tremendous sacrifices to immigrate to this country for a chance at a better future. Our goal at Khan’s Tutorial is to ensure that every single KT student has a top GPA with many AP classes, a high SAT score, and extracurricular activities with leadership roles. Parents and students must also understand the importance of the FAFSA application and the financial aid process early on to maximize their scholarship and financial aid chances. We are very proud of every student and family that has put the hard work in, made sacrifices and stayed dedicated to their goal of acceptance to a top university. A big thank you to all of our instructors, managers, and parents that have been involved in the entire process. We can’t wait to build upon this year‘s Khan’s Tutorial scholarship and make sure to keep our SAT & AP programs growing for future sophomores and juniors,” said Dr. Ivan Khan, the CEO of Khan’s Tutorial.